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Guided tour of a Florentine leather craft shop and laboratory


2 hours



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Groups and couples


English, Chinese, Italian

A journey behind the scenes of Florentine craftsmanship


Florence has always been famous for its ancient crafts and in 2019 it was also named “capital of craftsmanship”. With this artisans tour I will not only guide you to discover the city and its most important squares, but I will also accompany you through off the beaten paths where Florence artisans “hide”, to tell you about their history and the origins of their work.

The origins of Florence craftsmanship are very ancient. Already during Middle Ages the city was organized into Guilds, association of artisans and craftsmen such as goldsmiths, weavers, paper makers, perfumers, artists and many others. Among them there were also leather manufacturers, dyers and tanners, which are the ones who dealt with the making of Tuscany leather, now renowned throughout the world thanks to its high quality and fashionable style.

During the guided tour in Florence I will first tell you stories, legends and curiosities about Florence craftsmen and Italian leather in general, then we will visit together a leather craft shop in the historic center. There an expert craftsman will show you some steps of lady leather bags and accessories making and tell you important information about this old craft.

He will show you how to get a high-quality product, starting from a rough piece of leather up to obtaining a perfect refined item and he will explain to you the ancient leather craft techniques that have been handed down from the Middle Ages to the present day.

You will discover how to choose the perfect leather to use based on its natural characteristics, how to cut it to give it the desired shape and finally how the various pieces are sorted out and finished to make a leather accessory, such as the cover of a diary or wallet.

This experience in a typical leather craft shop will help you to better understand Florence craftsmanship and the world that hides behind Italian leather products and it’s perfect if you are not only looking for high end brands but you are also interested in discovering smaller but equal value local leather suppliers.

If you like you can choose to enrich your experience by participating yourself in a leather craft workshop and make a personalized leather accessory (such as wallets or lady leather handbags) that you can take home with you as a tangible reminder of your trip to Florence.


Why visiting a leather craft shop in Florence?



  • With official Florence Tourist Guide
  • 100% customizable
  • Discover an authentic Florentine leather shop in the historic center
  • Watch the artisans at work and learn the ancient techniques of leather crafting
  • Possibility to partecipate to the creation of a leather accessory

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