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Florence Boboli Garden Guided Tour


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Florence Boboli Garden: the city green lung


Florence Boboli Garden looks like an incredible open-air museum, full of wonderful caves, majestic fountains and ancient statues that hide mysterious symbols and meanings.

Located behind Pitti Palace, Boboli gardens were vey much loved by Medici family members as they represented for them a green oasis within the city and the ideal place to walk, relax and dedicate time to their favorite hobbies, such as hunting. A guided tour to immerse yourself in the court lifestyle and to admire the architecture and works of art of one of the most famous gardens in Florence.

Florence Boboli gardens were strongly desired by the Medici family to be able to isolate from the chaos of the city center and surround themselves with nature. They are a splendid example of Italian garden, a typical Renaissance garden divided geometrically by trees and hedges and full of statues, fountains and caves.

Our guided tour of the Boboli Garden in Florence will be a pleasant walk through its green spaces to discover its works of art, which tell us curious legends and anecdotes related to the various members of the Medici family. The garden is in fact populated with ancient and modern statues but also with dwarves, animals and mythological figures who had very specific meanings and are representative of the Florentine traditions and beliefs of the time.

Pitti Palace Boboli Gardens also host a small museum dedicated to porcelain, which houses splendid ceramic sets belonging to the various families who lived in the palace and from which you can admire a panoramic view over the city.

This walk-through Boboli Gardens will allow you to immerse yourself in the spirit of court life and is also an excellent experience for families with children, who want to enjoy nature and get away from the classic guided tours inside Florence museums.

If you have already visited the Boboli Gardens or if you are looking for something more to see, take a look at the Gardens of Florence tour, a naturalistic itinerary to discover the most beautiful landscapes and gardens of the city, even the less known ones.


Why book Florence Boboli Garden guided tour with a local guide?



  • Perfect for families and adults
  • With official Florence Tourist Guide
  • Admire a splendid Renaissance style garden
  • Discover curious legends and anecdotes related to the various members of the Medici family
  • Stroll around a charming garden full of caves and ancient statues

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