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Create your own personalized perfume in Florence


2-3 hours



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Groups and couples


English, Chinese, Italian

Create your own perfume in a Florentine artisan perfume shop


A day totally dedicated to Florentine craftsmanship and perfume: first a guided tour in the most evocative perfume shops of Florence historic centre and then an interesting laboratory to create your own perfume.

We will start with a first introduction on the history of perfume in Florence and I will tell you about its origins and how it has become fundamental in people’s lives. As a matter of facts, perfume exerts a strong power both on the person who wears it and on the one who smells it and it has been so since the 14th century when in Florence, among noble women and the upper class, it became normal practice to wear fragrances to be accepted in the high society. What made and still makes perfume so powerful is its ability to let a man or a woman be recognizable just by the smell, because perfume makes you remarkable.

This is the reason why, in a world full of scents, we always look for a niche perfume that no one has and that can make us feel different from everyone else. But what can be more unique than creating your bespoke perfume?

After telling you about the history of perfume and making you discover some curious anecdotes, I will guide you through the splendid rooms of another artisan workshop in Florence, where you will not only discover everything there is to know about the production of Italian perfumes, but you will also live the unique experience of creating your personalized perfume thanks to the help of an expert perfume maker.

You will first visit the shop and learn more about the world of essences,  then you will move to the laboratory where you will find more than 20 fragrances to combine together, following both the indications of the perfumer and your tastes and instincts so that your personalized perfume will really be the fruit of your unique and inimitable personality.

You will learn secrets and techniques to create your own perfume and you can bring home with you a small perfume bottle, as a memory of this incredible experience.

A truly exclusive tour, perfect for those who love luxury craftsmanship and are looking for an intriguing and out of the ordinary activity.


Why book a perfume experience in Florence?



  • Perfect for adults and couples
  • With official Florence Tourist Guide
  • 100% customizable
  • Visit to a fascinating perfume shop in the historic center of Florence
  • Possibility to create your own handcrafted perfume

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